National Farmathon

National Farmathon

Recognizing and Appreciating the Tireless Efforts of Farmers.

Over the years, farmers have been the cornerstone of many flourishing civilizations and have contributed towards a thriving economy. At National Farmathon, you get an opportunity to recognize and appreciate their tireless effort and labour. Natural and integral farming will be the focus of the National Farmathon. The event will also discuss and highlight sustainable natural farming, community farming and shared resources for farming.

Discover National Farmathon

National Farmathon is the first-of-its-kind event that attempts to bring together those who support and those involved in natural farming. The brainchild of Mr. Atchuta, Founder of non-profit organisation – Estah Society, National Farmathon aims to engage with the best minds from across India for the well-being of Indian Farmers.

Our Reach and Impact

At present, Estah supports more than 1,200 farmers across 5 South Indian States. In the next 1 year, National Farmathon is proposed to be conducted across 12 Cities in India. By the year 2022, Estah has a target to support over 40,000 farmers across India.

Our Mission and Goals

Create awareness on farmers issues

Form a closeknit farmer & consumer community…

Empower farmers with sustainable natural farming techniques

Create awareness of food security

Encourage consumers to support the natural farming community

Introduce FACT farmer and consumer technologies

Appreciate the farmers and farming practices

Awards and Recognition

Add value to existing work


Bridging the Gap

Propose and setup innovative ways to bridge the gap between consumers and farmers

Economic Empowerment

Improve the economic status of villages as it is primarily dependent on Farmers

Community Building

Build an ecosystem and create a consumer community

Yield and Income Boost

Help boost the yield and income of farmers

Sales Awareness

Create awareness on different ways to sell the produce

Market Education

Educate/Inform the farmers on current market requirements

Supply-Demand Mapping

Mapping the supply-demand process

Sustainable Farming

To make the natural farm sector self-sustainable through asset mapping approach

Join us in Celebrating and Supporting Our Farmers